About Kaş


Kaş is among the most famous diving destinations in the world. There are numerous fully qualified and highly experienced diving clubs and instructors. If you are searching for an introduction to the underwater world, you are in the right place. A ‘discovery dive’ is the first step to the magical ambiance of the underwater, which all diving schools offer.

If you are a diver with a license, historical and modern wrecks, reefs with hundreds of different kinds of species, ancient amphoras, deep blue waters where some parts have 40 meters of visibility, amazing canyons, wide caves and many more await you.


Imagine that you surrender yourself to the arms of the wind, at the take-off 650 meters high. Or just try it rather than dreaming about it since you are in Kaş. Tandem flight begins at the top of Mount Asar, just above Kaş, gliding above blue waters through the view of the island Megisti.

Kaş has some of the best and experienced sweet flight instructors that would make you enjoy this experience without any fear at all.


Saklıkent is the name of the canyon of the Eşen river that borders Muğla and Antalya provinces. Water made its way through lime based rocks that were cracked open by the fault lines. It is the longest and the deepest canyon of Turkey. It is staggering 18 kms long, made of narrow passages of rocks. The canyon gets as low as 2 meters and as high as 200. It was discovered relatively recent. The rumor has it, a shepherd chased its runaway goat up to the mouth of the canyon, which in 1996 declared a national park.

With professional guides you will witness the excellence of nature presented on the canyon walk, and you will never forget these moments.


Starting from Fethiye, stretching all the way to Antalya, the network of trails in the Teke peninsula known as the Lycian Way… The signing started in 1992 by Kate Clow which was completed in 1999, making the trail way safer for the hikers. In many sources, it is highlighted as one of the top 10 hiking routes. The view of Gelidonya Lighthouse on the path selected as the best view of Turkey in 2007. Moreover, the first example in underwater archaeology where they brought the hull of a ship as a whole happened in American Cove visible along through the path.

A short part of the Kaş Apperlai route, also known as the 11th lap of the Lycian way is the Kaş-Limanağzı path is an option to take when you are visiting Kaş. The best part of this trail is that it ends in a gorgeous cove. You will not forget the swim and enjoy something cold to drink.


Blending the historical and natural wonders, Kekova boat tour is a must to do activity while staying in Kaş. There are two options; either take one of the boats from Kaş (sailing there and back itself takes 3 hours) or you could drive to Üçağız in 35 minutes and take a boat from there. Kekova region takes its name from Kekova island and includes the Sunken City, Simena and Üçağız. You could swim in the gorgeous coves of the Kekova region, gaze upon the sunken city through a glass bottom boat, discover pirate caves and climb to Simena Castle. Do not leave Kaş without experiencing this unique experience.