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Guide to Kaş

Guide to Kaş

What to do in Kaş?


Kekova boat tour is a tour of the historical ruins and crystal clear bays of Kekova, located between Kaş and Demre districts of Antalya. The underwater ancient ruins are one of the most striking features of the tour. You can join the Kekova boat tour from Kaş port, Üçağız Köyü port and Demre Çayağzı port.

During the Kekova boat tour, Üçağız village, Kekova Island, Batıkşehir (Sunken City), Simena Castle (Kaleköy) and the Kekova region formed by magnificent bays are visited.

Optionally, you can join group tours made during the day from Kaş or Üçağız Port or you can make private boat tours for a day or a short time tour.


Kaş is among the world’s most famous diving centers, and therefore it has many experienced diving clubs and instructors. If you have never met the underwater world before, you are definitely in the right place. A “try dive,” which you can join with every diving club, can be a great start to see the magical world of the underwater up close.

If you are a certified diver, you will have a perfect diving experience with historical and modern wrecks, reefs hosting hundreds of different species, amphoras dating back to ancient times, blue waters with visibility up to 40 meters, fascinating canyons, and vast caves.


Imagine yourself leaving the runway at a height of 650 meters, surrendering to the arms of the wind. Or, since you are already in Kaş, why not try it out! Tandem flights start from the foothills of Asas Mountain, just above Kaş, and glide over the blue waters towards the Meis Island view.

You can fearlessly enjoy the pleasure of soaring in the sky with Kaş’s experienced pilots.


Saklıkent is the name of the canyon formed by the Karaçay, a tributary of the Eşen River, which marks the boundary between Antalya and Muğla. It was formed in the calcareous terrain that water can easily erode with the help of fault cracks. It has the distinction of being Turkey’s longest and deepest canyon, consisting of narrow passages surrounded by rocks that stretch for 18 kilometers. It reaches a height of 200 meters and drops to as low as 2 meters at its narrowest point. The discovery of the canyon is not very old and dates back to recent times. According to legend, a shepherd who had lost his goat discovered the canyon, which was declared a national park in 1996 along with its surroundings to be protected. Witness the magnificence offered by nature in the canyon walk you will take with professional guides, and you will never forget these moments.


The Lycian Way is a hiking trail that runs from Fethiye to Antalya on the Teke Peninsula, formerly known as Lycia in history. It was created by marking and mapping some of the trails in the area, with work starting in 1992 by Kate Clow and finishing in 1999. The trail became much safer for hikers as a result of this. It is considered one of the top 10 long-distance hiking trails in the world by various sources. The Gelidonya Lighthouse view along the trail was selected as Turkey’s most beautiful view in 2007. Additionally, the first underwater excavation in the world that recovered an entire ship took place in the American Bay, which can be seen from this region.

The Kaş-Limanağzı route, which is the first 4.5 km of the 11th stage of the Lycian Way known as Kaş-Aperlai route, is a great alternative for a pleasant walk while in Kaş. There are beautiful views along the way, with the highlight being the trail leading to a magnificent cove. You won’t forget the experience of taking a dip in the sea and enjoying a cold drink.