Luvi Kaş Hotel


Hygiene Policy

Dear Guest(s),

Please find the details of the general hygiene practices that we carefully apply in our hotel below:

Hygiene Rules

In order to be more respectful to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, we will provide room cleaning service upon the request of our guests instead of delivering routine daily cleaning service. Please communicate your room cleaning service request by placing the relevant card on your door handle. Please do not leave your personal belongings uncovered in your room on the day of room cleaning service in order to maintain your personal hygiene.

As Luvi Kaş Hotel team, we are doing everything we can to ensure you have a happy and healthy holiday. Within this context, we would like to inform you that the following processes are carried out regularly:

About Health and Training of Employees

All our teammates are having regular medical check-ups while working in the hotel.

Trainings on health and hygiene by ‘Eczacıbaşı Professional Distance Education Program” are provided online for our teammates. In case of a need for additional trainings, they will be organized and provided accordingly for our teammates.

About Hygiene

Alcohol-based liquid disinfectants for hand hygiene are available for our guests in common areas of the hotel.

All cleaning and protective materials used in our hotel are certified by Turkish Standards Institution and have the necessary features to provide hygiene and disinfection. The measures taken are implemented in line with the relevant regulations and circulars of Turkish Ministry of Health and the hygiene policy of our hotel.

Room Cleaning Service 

Our experienced and trustworthy cleaning team members disinfects each room in line with the hygiene rules.

The room cleaning team members regularly use cleaning materials and disinfectants manufactured by Eczacıbaşı Profesyonel and these materials and disinfectants are all approved by Turkish Standards Institution, Turkish Ministry of Health and World Health Organization.

In our rooms, a thorough cleaning is carried out against bacteria and viruses using disinfectants with nano-silver ion technology after each stay. The product used for cleaning has scientific proof that it is not harmful for human health and does not contain alcohol and heavy metals. In addition, it is effective for a long time. Please contact our front desk team if you wish to see the certification of the products used for thorough cleaning.

In order to keep your personal hygiene at maximum and show our respect for nature, QR code application is in use for information about the rooms.

We hope to see you in Luvi Kaş Hotel where you can enjoy your holiday in a healthy and safe environment.

Luvi Kaş Hotel Team